The challenge of being able to provide furnaces for a very wide range of fuels, together with our experience in practical usage and our research and development activities, is reflected in our various highly sophisticated traditional furnace types.  Our portfolio enables us to provide the best possible combustion infrastructure for each specific wood fuel.

Feed grate furnace

Our feed grate furnace is equipped with a special high-performance grate system. Depending on the capacity of the furnace, the grate systems are equipped with the high-performance grate U1 or W1.

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Turbo Challenger

With the AGRO Turbo Challenger® it has become possible to economically utilise even difficult fuels, such as contaminated wood, green waste and uncontaminated waste wood.

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Low NOx

With our patented low-NOx combustion, a reduction of nitrogen oxides is already possible in the combustion process without the adding of additional reducing agents.

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Turbo Dust Cleaner

Due to the combination of a hydr. feed grate furnace with cyclone fluidised bed combustion, the thermal utilisation of very demanding biomass, such as green waste, forest residue, contaminated bark, etc., is possible without any problems.

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