Optimisation & service

Value retention | Highest efficiency | Highest availability | Highest reliability

We offer our customers more than 40 years of experience in the field of energy production from biomass. 

For the optimisation of existing boiler systems, including all third-party products, the process sequences are recorded and analysed on site and the corresponding optimisation steps are planned. Very high value is placed on the preservation of the existing system, but necessary modifications are carried out both in terms of hardware and software 

24-hour hotline

Customers of optimised systems can use our entire infrastructure, such as the 24-hour hotline, remote maintenance, process optimisation and software updates.

AGRO grate systems

Many years of experience in thermodynamics have led to the design of the intelligent grate elements. Special alloys guarantee durability and trouble-free combustion. Can be used in all boiler makes.

AGRO service

To continue to avoid expensive downtime costs and achieve the highest efficiencies with your equipment, even the most robust and reliable systems require maintenance and service. Our experienced service technicians specialise in biomass boiler systems of all makes.

Remember that your biomass boiler is subject to extreme thermodynamic processes. Therefore, expensive repairs can only be avoided by regular, value-preserving measures.

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