Low NOx

Reduction of nitrogen oxides early on in the combustion process

AGRO low-NOx combustion is based on the following: The special combustion chamber geometry, which is equipped with a high-performance grate supports the low-NOx combustion from the hardware side. In particular, the AGRO Turbo Challenger® offers excellent infrastructure for this. Based on the AGRO Efficiency Booster process, in which the fuel moisture on the one hand and the recirculation ratio on the primary and secondary sides are recorded and calculated on the other, combustion or pyrolysis can be operated in a reducing atmosphere in the primary zone. As the flue gases remain in a reducing atmosphere, the NOx is split from the CO, producing N2 and CO2. This ensures that two stable inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide are produced from the harmful NOx during the combustion process. For the thermal utilisation of fuel with a higher nitrogen content, nitrogen reduction can be reduced further via SNCR, which is integrated in the secondary combustion zone, or SCR. You can find some of our low NOx references >> here.

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