AGRO Dust Burner / dust firing

The solution for dusty/dust-containing fuels

The AGRO Dust Burner is a combination of a feed grate furnace and an underfeed stoker. Due to the special geometric arrangement of the underfeed stoker, the fuel is fed into the furnace from below via the trough. 

The dusty/dust-containing fuel thus enters the combustion chamber without swirling. The special control of the fuel input and the feed grate management create a stable combustion bed, which allows the dusty/dust-containing fuel to outgas in the primary zone without swirling. The resulting pyrolysis process on the grate enables the thermal utilisation of very complex fuels, including those from the furniture industry.

 Due to the special grate and recirculation management, the combustion process can take place with the optimum stoichiometry in all desired load phases between 20 and 100%. The resulting reducing atmosphere in the primary zone leads to NOx reduction, enabling low-NOx combustion. The pyrolysis gases from the primary zone are fed into the secondary zone and supplied to low-emission combustion via the special shape of the Turbo Challenger®. 

The whole system described above has a significant advantage over conventional injection furnaces which, with a high dust load, favour the contamination of the entire system of combustion and heat exchangers.

You can find an excerpt of our dust firing references >> here.

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