Heat recovery / flue gas condensation

Heat recovery with AGRO flue gas condensation

AGRO’s flue gas condensation enables additional residual utilisation of the heat contained in the flue gas after the boiler system and dust separation. Particularly economical operation results when wet fuels have to be heated and the latent heat content of the flue gas can also be utilised by means of a suitable network return temperature. With flue gas condensation, both the residual heat can be used for fuel drying and, combined with downstream flue gas dehumidification, the ‘steam plume’ of the chimney can be made almost invisible.

Condensing technology:

The optimised use of the FGC opens up the possibility, in combination with a boiler system, of raising the overall system efficiency to over 100%, based on the lower heating value.

Energy recovery:

Economiser 10–12% of boiler capacity can be used
Condenser 15–20% of boiler capacity can be used
Air preheater 10–20% of boiler capacity can partially be used

(Absorption) heat pump

Even higher overall system efficiencies can be achieved in combination with a heat pump. You can find some of our AGRO systems with a heat pump for heat recovery >> here.


You can find some of our AGRO systems with flue gas condensation for heat recovery >> here. 

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