Wärmeverbund Kaiseraugst-Liebrüti

Since the commissioning of the two AGRO wood combustion plants last winter, the Wärmeverbund Kaiseraugst-Liebrüti has been supplying its customers with renewably generated energy from natural wood from the regional forests and waste wood from REWAG Entsorgung AG. Thus, in the last 5 months alone, around 1.2 million liters of heating oil equivalent could be saved.

Both the 3 MW waste wood combustion plant and the 2.5 MW moving grate combustion plant for fresh wood are equipped with our patented AGRO Turbo Challenger and AGRO Efficiency Booster for optimal combustion. In addition, an AGRO flue gas condensation with downstream flue gas dehumidification is used for additional residual heat utilization of the heat contained in the flue gas.

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Heat & power from wood
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