Grain drying with heat from biomass

Our biomass heating boiler systems are used in a wide variety of industries. Some projects, however, are not too far away from our factory location in Lavanttal in Carinthia.

In Gersdorf in Styria, Austria, we were commissioned to build a hot-water boiler in lightweight container construction for the Sterf Handelsgruppe, where it will be used to dry grain products and agricultural produce. Preliminary planning began in 2022, and the project was completed this year.

Untreated biomass is used as fuel, including forest chips, bark, shredded wood and sawdust.

The AGRO Efficiency Booster was also installed – for even more efficient combustion control. The Efficiency Booster can also be retrofitted to any make and enables the thermal utilisation of different and demanding fuels at the highest level of efficiency.

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Heat & power from wood
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