Commissioning at Pfleiderer – changeover from coal to wood

While hardly anyone thinks about heating now in summer, we have our hands full preparing for the next heating season.

The switch from fossil fuels to alternatives based on renewable raw materials is more important than ever. We are very proud that we were able to support the Pfleiderer paper mill in Teisnach in implementing the GETEC-GREEN-STEAM concept by building a steam boiler plant on behalf of the GETEC Group. The commissioning of the plant with an output of 22 t/h, which is heated with waste wood and shares of fresh wood, has already been successfully completed.

A key success factor in this project is the combination of our Turbo Challenger system with our AGRO Efficiency Booster. The Turbo Challenger enables more efficient use of difficult fuels, such as contaminated wood, green waste or uncontaminated waste wood. Coupled with the AGRO Efficiency Booster, which guarantees optimal combustion control with the best possible efficiency at low CO and NOx emissions, the steam boiler plant is an example of modern standards.

Read more about our project at the Pfleiderer paper mill here.

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Heat & power from wood
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